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Four Mashams. Oil.

Four Mashams. Oil.


Ollie. Oil.


Berlin Oil on board


Loki. Oil.

'The G.O.M

The G.O.M. Oil on board.

'Out Clubbin''

Out Clubbin;. Oil on board.

Ruby. Oil.

Ruby. Oil.

Aslan. Oil.

Aslan. Oil

Spaniel Fun.

Spaniel Fun. Oil.

‘Dr Rahul’. Oil.

‘Dr Rahul’. Oil. Part of Free Portraits for NHS Heroes Initiative.

Albert Square. M2

Albert Square. M2 Oil on board

King Street

King Street. Manchester Oil on board

‘Boats (study)’.

‘Boats (study)’. Oil.


Wilfy. Oil.

‘Doctor Dan and Doctor Ed’. Oil.

‘Doctor Dan and Doctor Ed’. Oil. Part of Free Portraits for NHS Heroes Initiative.

Exchange Square. M2

Exchange Square. M2 Oil on board

Central Library

Central Library. M2 Winner of best picture Holmfirth Arts Festival 2018 Oil on board

His n Hers

His n Hers Oil on board. Sold

St Anne's Square

St Anne's Square Oil on board

Cooper St. M2

Cooper St. M2 Oil on board

Tasle Alley

Tasle Alley. M2 Oil on board

Mulberry Street, Manchester

Mulberry Street, Manchester Oil on board

Deansgate, Manchester

Deansgate towards Castlefield, Manchester Oil on board

St Anne's Square, Manchester

St Anne's Square, Manchester Oil on board

Blue Umbrella

The Blue Umbrella. Oil on board. Sold

Business as Usual

Business as Usual. Oil on board. Sold.

Liverpool Street Station

Liverpool St Station. Oil on canvas board. Sold

John Maybank

John Maybank Oil on board


Tom Oil on canvas


Roy Oil on board


Bailee Oil on board


Dolly Oil on board

Liverpool Lady

Liverpool Lady Oil on board

New Shoes

New Shoes Oil on canvas

Liverpool Dock

Liverpool Dock Oil on canvas board

Norfolk 1

Norfolk 1 Oil on board

Norfolk 2

Norfolk 2 Oil on board

Still Life

Still Life Oil on canvas

Daffodils and Pears

Daffodils and Pears Oil on canvas


Delphiniums Oil on canvas

Peruvian Girls

Peruvian Girls. Oil on board. Sold.

Chewing the Cud

Chewing the Cud Oil on board

Deansgate 2

Deansgate 2. Oil on board. Sold.

Autumn in Paris

Autumn in Paris. Oil on board. Sold

Potting Shed

Potting Shed Oil on board


Sunflowers Oil on board

Beach Ball

Beach Ball Oil on canvas

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