Over the Top

Over the Top. Oil.

Stride for Stride

Stride for Stride. Oil.

Through the Mud and Rain.

Through the Mud and Rain (Harry Skelton). Oil.

Envoi Allen.

Envoi Allen. Oil.

Pushing It

Pushing It. Oil.

Beautiful Boy.

Beautiful Boy. Oil.

After the Rain.

After the Rain. Oil.

Mud and Mist.

Mud and Mist (Catterick Racecourse).


Elegance. Oil.

‘The Final Effort’

‘The Final Effort’. Oil.


Hurdler. Oil.

‘Swan Song (Enable and Frankie)’.

‘Swan Song (Enable and Frankie). Oil. 32” x 25”.

‘In Pursuit’

‘In Pursuit’. Oil.

Prince, Imogen and Roger.

Prince, Imogen and Roger. Oil.

The Irishman.

The Irishman. Oil.

The Loggers.

The Loggers. Oil.

Winter Woollies

Winter Woollies, oil. Prints available.

Winter Racing.

Winter Racing. Oil.

‘A Dusty Roll’

‘A Dusty Roll’. Oil.

‘Hot ‘n’ Dusty’.

‘Hot ‘n’ Dusty’. Oil. 34” x 23”

Middleham Morning.

Middleham Morning. Oil.

'Sweat and Steam'

Sweat and Steam. Oil on board.

Proud Mother and Son.

Proud Mother and Son. Oil.

‘Still Going’

‘Still Going’. Oil. Giclee fine art prints available.

‘Up and Over’

‘Up and Over’. Oil.

‘Enable and Imran’

‘Enable and Imran’. Oil. Giclee fine art prints available.

‘On the Nod’

‘On the Nod’. Oil.


‘Harry’. Oil.

Clydey Foal

Clyde Foal. Oil. Prints available.

Charlotte and Elliot.

Charlotte and Elliot. Oil.

'Sun and Sweat'

Sun and Sweat. Oil on board.


‘Donkeys’. Oil.

‘Beach Babies’

‘Beach Babies’. Oil.

‘Training Day’

‘Training Day’. Oil.

‘Jostling for Position’

‘Jostling for Position’. Oil.

‘Last on the Card’

‘Last on the Card’. Oil.

'Mud and Sweat'

Mud and Sweat. Oil on board.

'Sea and Sand' Oil on board_

Sea and Sand. Oil on canvas.

Hot! Hot! Hot! Oil.

‘Hot! Hot! Hot!’ Oil.

'Frozen Fingers'

Frozen Fingers. Oil on board. Giclee fine art prints available.

'Winter Training'

Winter Training. Oil on board.

‘Sun and Snow’

‘Sun and Snow’. Oil.

'Wet Day at Catterick'

Wet Day at Catterick. Oil on board.

‘The Glance (study)’

‘The Glance (study)’. Oil.

Chief Singer. July Cup 1984

Chief Singer. July Cup 1984 Oil on board

Rebus 1

Rebus 1 Oil on board

Rebus 2

Rebus 2 Oil on board

'The Long Wait'. Oil on board

The Long Wait. Oil on board.

'Band of Brothers'. Oil on board

Band of Brothers. Oil on board

‘The Water Trough (WW1)’

‘The Water Trough (WW1)’. Oil.


Lily. Oil on board.

'Misty Morning'

Misty Morning. Oil on board.

'Final Check'

Final Check. Oil on board.


Frankel. Oil on canvas.

'Ben' Oil on board_

Ben. Oil on board.

'Joy and Fun'

Joy and Fun. Oil on board.

Tankin' On

Tankin' On Oil on board


Athlete. Oil on board.

Into the Light

Into the Light Oil on board

Cool Down

Cool Down Oil on board


Presence Oil on board

‘Light and Shadow (study)’

‘Light and Shadow (study)’. Oil.


Bowie Oil on board


Jaygo Oil on board

'A Girl and her Pony'. Commision

A Girl and her Pony. Oil on board.

Rough Riding

Rough Riding Oil on board

Article in La Polo magazine

Article in La Polo magazine

'The Start'.

The Start. Oil on board.

Up for Grabs (Silk Series Commission

Up for Grabs Oil on board

Presentation of Up For Grabs

Presentation 'Up For Grabs' Silk Series Commission, Doncaster


The Only Way is Higher Oil on board

Past the Rubbing House

Past the Rubbing House Oil on board

Regal Flow

Regal Flow. Midlands Grand National winner, Uttoxeter. Commision Oil on board

Canal Turn

Canal Turn Oil on board


Trio Oil on board

Lunchtime Doze

Lunchtime Doze Oil on board

Plein Air Winner Newmarket 2016

Plein Air Winner Newmarket 2016 Oil on board

Cold Morning

Cold Morning Oil on board

Four Musketeers

Four Musketeers Oil on board

Cartmel Races

Cartmel Races Oil on board

Starter's Orders

Starter's Orders Oil on board

Plein Air Winner, Newmarket 2017

SEA Plein Air Winner, Newmarket 2017 Oil on board

Between Chukkas

Between Chukkas. Oil on board 75cm x 75cm

The Lead Out

The Lead Out Oil on board

Walking Home

Walking Home. Oil on board. 57cm x 30cm


Perry Oil on board

Back Down The Gallops

Back Down The Gallops. Oil on canvas board. 61cm x 46cm


‘Study’. Oil.

Polo Study

Polo Study Oil on board


Composure Oil on board

Head Study

Head Study Oil on board

Start of the Day

Start of the Day. Oil on board. 114cm x 80cm

‘Parade Ring (study)’
Time Out

Time Out. Oil on board 120cm x 80cm

Up to the Gallops

Up to the Gallops. Oil on board.122cmx61cm